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APC Wallet

APC Wallet / Cube furniture table / Drawn by Jamie Buck

We all make mistakes, that's not a surprise. The main one is when I buy items that I don't wear a year after. There are plenty of reasons for that: the poor quality can be revealed after wearing, fast fashion, wrong colors, hard to associate with the rest of my wardrobe, too delicate, too cheap, ... Since few months, I have started to sell my clothes here, and elsewhere. The only purpose is to collect money and invest in a APC Wallet. There are 3 good reasons why:

  1. I'm a true addictive to the brand. I love the parisian and simple style. 
  2. I really need a new wallet, my old one is completely torn. 
  3. Having one APC bag since 4 years, I can guarantee the Italian leather used by the brand is worth the price. 
Above all, get this specific wallet will remind me everytime I get my credit card out that I have to think more than twice about buying clothes because selling clothes is not the funniest thing in the world.

Picture: APC. 
Montage: La Singularite

2 commentaires :

Lucy Mason a dit…

It is beautiful! xx

Manonnn a dit…

Simple mais en même temps original avec sa fermeture et un intemporel avec sa couleur noire!!!

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